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Green Features

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Smart Construction

  • Designed to achieve LEED for Homes Gold certification.
  • Located downtown on a redeveloped site; no green fields were disturbed.
  • Located close to commuter rail and bus lines, as well as public open space and most amenities.
  • Vertical design has less roof area than a single story home, therefore less heat gain/loss.
  • Air quality measures put in place during construction to ensure that mechanical systems and all venting were sealed and protected from dust, dirt, residue, etc.
  • Third party testing conducted to ensure everything was built as designed; field testing of all systems to ensure operability and efficiency.
  • Stormwater controls designed and implemented to prevent runoff and erosion and maximize recharge of the Rio Grande.
  • Heavy construction materials (cement, gypsum) locally sourced to avoid high transportation-related carbon emissions.
  • High percentage of waste generated during construction recycled and diverted from landfills.
  • Panelized framing selected to minimize wood waste.
Smart Construction

Reliable Thermal Comfort

  • To enhance efficiency, the windows selected for your Elements townhome are clear, ‘Low-E’-coated, sealed insulated glass and have a thermal transmittance factor (‘U-Factor’) of between .30 and .32 and a solar heat gain coefficient of between .19 and .22.

  • Awnings are fixed above the windows to further minimize summer sun heat gain. In other words, you get maximum daylighting with minimal heat gain – which will lower your bills for both heating and lighting.

Air Quality: Finishes

  • Low-VOC (‘Volatile Organic Compounds’) paints and sealants are utilized throughout the house.
  • The carpet tile is both low-VOC and completely PVC free, and has the distinction of being 100% recycled and “Cradle to Cradle” certified.
  • The ceramic tile is made from 22.5% pre-consumer recycled materials and is formaldehyde free.
  • The flooring on the first story is exposed concrete; wood and tile floors are installed on the second story; the absence of carpet provides for improved air quality as these surfaces do not trap contaminants or allergens. shawcontractgroup

Air Quality: Insulation

  • The insulation installed in your townhome is GreenGuard certified, which means it too is a low-VOC product.
  • This particular type of insulation is notable for being manufactured from sand and post-consumer recycled bottle glass. greenguard

Air Quality: Circulation

  • A radon gas mitigation installed.
  • The garage is sealed off from the rest of the house.
  • The air in the house will be “flushed” prior to occupancy to eliminate any VOCs that may remain from construction.
  • For continuous fresh air, each floor of your townhome has operable windows; the glazing on some floors is designed specifically to enhance air circulation via operable panels at both the top and bottom of the windows.
  • High density filters minimize the presence of airborne particles.
  • Each floor has a carbon monoxide monitor.
  • The clothes dryer is vented to the exterior.

Energy Star®-rated Efficiency: Overview

  • Your new home has undergone a Residential Energy Analysis and Rating based upon Energy Star® guidelines. Your home exceeds Energy Star® standards by at least 30% and has a HERS Index of 60 or less (lower is better), depending upon which floorplan is selected.
  • All of this results in a decrease in carbon emissions from your home and lower monthly utility costs. Cost savings of $419-$669 annually can be anticipated, depending upon the model selected.
  • These cost savings can translate into recognized additional monthly income for loan purposes as well as reduced costs of lending - check with your lender.

Energy Star®-rated Efficiency: Appliances

  • Your home comes equipped with an Energy Star® refrigerator, bathroom fan and dishwasher.
  • At least 80% of the lighting fixtures in your home are designed to accept compact fluorescent lights (CFL).

Free Hot Water

  • Hot water is heated via solar thermal panels mounted on the roof.
  • A back-up standard water heater is also included just in case of prolonged overcast weather.

Outdoor Spaces

  • Townhome models A, B and D offer full stair access to the rooftop deck, which you can enjoy as a space for outdoor entertaining, private reflection, and even the creation of a “green” roof. All townhomes are plumbed for kitchen and irrigation systems.
  • Townhome models B, C and D have a balcony on the second story, adjacent to the living room and kitchen area, for you to conveniently enjoy the outdoors.

Wise Water Use; Thoughtful Landscaping

  • Kitchen faucets have motion sensors, to prevent sinks from running if you’re suddenly called away.
  • Your bathrooms are outfitted with high-performance, very high-efficiency fixtures and fittings.
  • Outside, the landscaping consists of native, drought-tolerant plants on unsloped grades that require minimal water to thrive and flourish; the irrigation system is high-efficiency, designed by an EPA Water Sense® certified professional.

Even More Efficiency

  • Your townhome has been constructed with the necessary infrastructure to install a photo-voltaic system on a portion of the roof, to reduce your energy usage even further. There are many local providers of photo-voltaic systems; 310 Solar has already created a plan for your home. Please contact 310 Solar or your own provider for additional information.


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Treveston Elliott Architect

Treveston Elliott has quickly grown his reputation for bringing practical building experience and a grounded modern sense of detail to both the design and execution of his projects. He is experienced in all phases of design and construction, from site planning to construction administration. Treveston’s work can often be identified by his hands-on fabrication of finishing touches involving steel, concrete, and his unique building techniques. Believing that the future of sustainable Architecture is within our current living cities, Treveston has focused his practice on high density urban infill development. He not only practices this philosophy, but lives it as well. He and his wife remodeled an old hardware store in the Downtown Area, where they currently live, work and raise their family. Elements represents a pinnacle of this philosophy and continues the work to which Treveston is committed.Several completed projects in the Downtown/Oldtown area of Albuquerque, New Mexico are included below:

Roma Avenue Condiminiums

The Roma Avenue Condominiums A nine-unit complex set on two typical city lots, which focuses each unit to entry gardens creating layered and diffused light as it penetrates into the gardens and interior living spaces.

The Sunshine Cafe/Laundry Project

The Resurrection of an existing 100 year old building by utilizing the original structural woodwork to create new furniture and casework. In the process providing an emerging neighborhoods’ anchor cafe.Treveston Elliott Architect Studio/Residence: Reviving an existing house into a three bedroom residence and attached studio. Showcasing the abilities of Treveston’s creativity and building techniques.Please see our web site at:

SG Properties LLC

SG Properties LLC is a real estate development company focusing on infill projects in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our primary experience is in the design and development of small, medium density residential developments, but we have recently branched out into the creation of mixed-use projects in existing neighborhoods. SG Properties believes that neighborhoods, like nature, function best with diversity, including a mix of density, incomes and uses. Two examples of their current work can be found at Mountain and 12th Street in Albuquerque and Plaza Contenta in Santa Fe.Mountain and 12th Street NW, located northwest of downtown Albuquerque, is a mixed-use development including micro retail, restaurant, commercial, residential condominiums and a single family house. This development created a focal point for the three neighborhoods that meet at that corner and has been a catalyst for other quality development in the area, helping to revitalize this older section of Albuquerque.Plaza Contenta is located in the southwest corner of Santa Fe in Tierra Contenta and is an example of adding the commercial center, as well as a city plaza, to an existing residential neighborhood, thereby strengthening the community as well as creating an urban amenity for all of Tierra Contenta. SG Properties is honored to partner with Romero Rose in the development of Elements, which along with their other projects, is certain to be a major component in the continuing redevelopment of Downtown Albuquerque.

Gerald Martin General Contractor

Gerald Martin General Contractor is proud to be providing preconstruction and construction services on Romero Rose LLC’s Elements and Silver Gardens housing developments. Recent similar projects include the Zocalo housing development in Santa Fe, and the New Life Homes in Albuquerque, and various other LEED certified buildings in the state.

Venture Realty Group

Joe Corso

Originally from New York, Joe Corso became a Real Estate Agent in Las Vegas, NV in 2004. He quickly became specialized in multi-unit developments and over the course of 4 years was in charge of over 1,000 units. In 2008 Joe was named the #1 Condominium and Town Home Real Estate Agent in Las Vegas and after moving to Albuquerque, NM became a Senior Advisor at Venture Realty Group in late 2008. Since then Joe has been highly involved in the sales and marketing of multiple developments. As a Certified New Home Sales Specialist, Joe's professionalism and expertise has proven to be irreplaceable. Joe's fundamental work ethic and understanding of condominiums and town homes makes him an undeniable asset to any multi-unit development.

Travis Thom

Member/Participant:National Association of RealtorsGreater Albuquerque Association of RealtorsRealtors Association of New MexicoSouthwest Multiple Listing ServiceUrban Land InstituteCertified EcoBrokerVenture Verde - DirectorAmy Beheil High School Foundation Board

Native to New Mexico, Travis Thom has been a Real Estate Agent in Albuquerque since 2000. After leaving his position as Qualifying Broker for Selling New Mexico in 2005, Travis opened Venture Realty Group in 2006. Venture Realty Group has actively focused on Smart Growth, Infill, and Urban Developments, successfully listing over 80% of the current active condo and town home listings in the UNM, Nob Hill and Downtown areas. With Travis's experience and enthusiasm he brings a fresh approach to the ever growing and changing market in New Mexico and continues to show his dedication to urban renewal and ecological solutions. Travis's knowledge provides the ability to educate each buyer and seller throughout each transaction, making each experience an enjoyable process.

Romero Rose LLC

Romero Rose is the southwest affiliate of Jonathan Rose Companies, a mission-based, green real estate policy, planning, development, owner’s representative and investment firm.  Romero Rose strongly promotes socially and environmentally responsible smart growth development that is transit oriented and pedestrian friendly. While we benefit from our firm's national experience in large scale planning and development efforts, mixed use downtown redevelopment, affordable housing, live/work and commercial development, our local office provides for a strong, New Mexico-based fully accessible staff. The depth of the Romero Rose’s commitment to the State of New Mexico is evident in its Albuquerque office, which owns and management $36 million in New Mexico assets. Romero Rose is also currently developing a $50 million master plan in the transit-oriented, downtown Alvarado Transportation District in Albuquerque. Totaling five acres, this critical piece of the downtown fabric will create new, green affordable housing, for-sale townhomes, and an office complex – all within steps of the local hub for bus and rail service.The firm operates nationally and from its offices in New York, Connecticut, Colorado and New Mexico. Our mission is to repair the fabric of cities, towns and villages while preserving the land around them.

Alvarado Transportation Center Development

Alvarado Transportation Center DevelopmentAlbuquerque, NMRomero Rose is redeveloping two adjacent sites in downtown Albuquerque’s Alvarado Transportation Center. Totaling five acres, this critical piece of the downtown fabric will provide an optimum mix of affordable and market-rate multifamily rental units, market-rate owner-occupied townhomes, and retail and office space. The master plan weaves these various unit types into a diverse and balanced transit-oriented footprint, linked to the surrounding neighborhoods and providing ample, attractive street level space for public and private interaction.Silver Gardens Apartments, designed to achieve LEED Gold certification, is a phased multifamily rental development serving a broad income mix, from low-income to market-rate tenants. Green Commons, a commercial development designed to achieve LEED Silver certification, includes a café and flexible units in three 3-story buildings, offering spaces for either small or large office tenants.A 200 space parking garage supports all components of the redevelopment.For more information, visit


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